Can I learn Dutch language in Holland for free?

Yes, you can in Vlissingen and Eindhoven.

When is the application deadline?

July 15th. However, we advise students to look for accommodation much earlier.

How can I get to Holland from Budapest?

The easiest to fly with Wizzair to Eindhoven, and from Eindhoven to Vlissingen/Breda goes several trains each day.
From Croatia, you can reach Amsterdam from Zagreb, Split, and Dubrovnik.

Do I need any English language test to get accepted?

For HZ, you need an Oxford Placement test, that you can do at our agency.
For Avans, you need Ielts or Toefl test.

Can I pay the tuition fee in smaller parts?

Yes, you can split the fee up into 10 parts.

Yes, you can split the fee up in up to 10 parts.

There are some possibilities, you can get more information about them at:
You can get a student grant if you work min. 56 hours/month with a contract.
You can also get a student loan, to cover your tuition fee.