Necessary documents

To be able to apply to study in Denmark, you must have the following documents ready. These must be uploaded to the online application system.

ID Photo

We need a passport-size photo of you for identification when you come for the English test/register with us.

Secondary School Certificate

If you apply for an AP or a Bachelor degree, you will need your secondary school certificate (2nd and 3rd year’s end grades and the 4th year’s 1st semester grades) and an English translation. An official translation is not necessary, you can do the translation yourself, but the school must stamp and authenticate the documents.

In most cases, you will also need your high school to fill out a form about the number of hours (not lessons) you studied certain subjects (Math, English, etc.) in the last 3 years of high school.

If you have already graduated from high school, send your final papers and the translation.

English Exam

The result of the English test is required. The B2 level is the minimum, but at some schools/courses the level is higher. Some schools accept the test we can do: Oxford Online Placement Test.

Motivation Letter

Most schools require candidates to write a motivation letter, where they explain why they want to study abroad. We will help you with that.

Curriculum Vitae

If you are not a high school student, it is a good idea to write a CV, to show schools what you did after high school.


If you apply for a Master’s degree, you must have a relevant Bachelor’s degree (or get it by the summer). If you apply before you get your final Bachelor’s degree, you will get a conditional answer in late spring, and only the final answer, when you sent the final Bachelor’s documents.