Our philosophy

We believe that it is a great experience for young people to go abroad. It is important to experience how other people live, work, learn, and compare with the way it happens at home. Thus, young people, who have the opportunity to look outside their own country and achieve foreign experience, can decide which is the best place to live.

We all have spent months / years studying, working abroad, which taught us to compare and appreciate our home country.

For anyone who wants to discover living and working abroad, it is much easier to try it before starting a family. At a young age, it is easier to integrate into a new environment and accept other values.

Those who go to study in the United Kingdom meet a “big part of the world” in the school, learn to work with other nationalities, and build international connections that could be helpful in their future carrier.

It makes a big difference in starting a carrier, whether you took your diploma in your home country, OR you took it abroad in an international environment.

Since 2004, we have sent nearly 800 young Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian and Romanian students to study in Denmark, the Netherlands, UK and Sweden (2019). Some of them found work there, there have been people who have worked in another country or continued their studies, and there were people who came back to Hungary to work.

We hope that those who are returning after a long stay abroad, will help Hungary to become a more modern, efficient and tolerant country.