Practical info


IB DB (IB Diploma)

For the IB DP you must be able to communicate well in English (approx. B2-level).
You will have a meeting/interview with one of our agents in Hungary and you must fill in the application form and send it to the school latest March 1st.
For the IB DP you must have finished 10 years of school – with good results.


Pre-IB is a one-year preparatory course for the IB Diploma Programme. Students applying for Pre-IB would typically have completed 9 years of school.

Boarding school (dormitories)

Each school has their own dorm, where each student will have their own room.
The dorms are normally built together with or very close to the school.
They are staffed 24/7 and they have all modern facilities. All meals are included, also during weekends.
Some dorms allow students to stay during holidays against a small fee.
Week 42 (autumn) – Christmas holiday (2 weeks) – Winter holiday (week 7) – Easter (1 week)
+ summer holiday of course.


The IB DP and Pre-IB

These are FREE for EU-citizens, however a calculator and a laptop is required.
Schools usually supply books for free.

Boarding school

The fee is calculated against the parents’ income and covers room and board. The fee may range from app. DKK 1350 to DKK 3600 per month depending on household income. There are price differences between the three schools.