Corona/Travel update:

It seems Denmark is opening up for students arriving from “yellow” countries WITHOUT quarantine and that parents can arrive as tourists, IF they can show at the border, they booked for 6 nights. It seems BOTH Hungary and Croatia are “yellow countries”, but it will turn out next week.

Webinar: BioTechnology in Kalundborg – June 11th

If you are interested in BioTech, join the Webinar: Thursday June 11th 20.00-21.00 CET. Facebook event: Short film:

Next weeks Web Events

Next week’s web seminars – web events:   MAY 12th 15.00-16.00 BAAA Facebook Q&A ( 19.00: HZ Webinar on accommodation   MAY 13th 14.00-16.00 UCN Webinar: 19.00-21.00: Avans Orientation Webinar:   MAY 14th 10.00 VIAuc Seminar:

You can still apply for these schools in DENMARK!

– Copenhagen Business Academy: Until June 1st, – Dania Academy: Marketing Management, Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management and Automative Technology – UCN: Automation Technology: Until May 1st,

You can STILL apply for Holland, and these schools organize online “open days” and webinars:

April Fontys organize Webinars and Online Open Days all through April, check here:…/Onl…/Webinars-and-virtual-open-days.htm 15th, 19.00: HZ Webinar about study programs, 17-18-19th: Saxion Online open days: Sign up here May 12th 19.00: HZ Webinar about Accommodation 13th 19-21: Avans Webinar, Contact us for more information:

EduFairs well visited

Thank you for visiting our EduFairs in Debrecen, Nyíregháza, Kecskemét and Győr, so many of you. We hope we can help you to fulfill your dreams…

Open Days in the Netherlands

Are you interested in Studies in the Netherlands? Open Days NL: (support in brackets) Nov23, Feb1, Apr4 and June26 (2 nights in hotel, €50 for travel, almost full catering, pick up from Eindhoven with minibus) Nov. 21-22 Den Bosch (1 night in hotel) – Nov. 20-22 (2 nights…