Study Abroad


If you want to continue your studies in Denmark, you must do the following:
      • On our website select the program(s) you want. Select the level (AP, Top-up Bachelor, Bachelor, Master) including areas of interest (e.g. Construction or Marketing) and cities (e.g. Copenhagen, Aalborg).


      • Get in touch with the closest working colleague who has information on what to do in detail.



      • Send your application via the Danish higher education on-line system. Our staff will help.


      • Start your accommodation search. Here you can also count on our staff ‘s advice, help.


      • If you get accepted, upload your missing documents as soon as you have them, like for example your final high school degree.


    • (For Hungarians: It is NOT always a good idea to take your English exam in 11th grade of high school. Many DK schools require a certain number of English lessons in the last 3 years of high school, and if one year is missing, you will probably not meet the requirement.)