IB Schools

There are 16 IB schools in Denmark, 13 are public and 3 are private.
We represent 3 of them:

Ikast-Brande Gymnasium (IBG)

The school has about 600 students and is situated in the middle of Jutland, in Ikast, which has over 15.000 inhabitants. Ikast is only 10km from Herning, which is a bigger city.
IBG has a sports line, which offers athletes a chance to combine sports with school. The teaching is arranged, so it fits with the high demand of training of elite athletes.
Practice is offered in handball, football, judo, golf, hockey, badminton and volleyball, but other sports may be available too, if you contact the school.
The school has a dormitory reserved for athletes with a focus on healthy living as well as a dormitory located in the middle of town for non-athletes with adult supervision.

Struer Statsgymnasium (SSG)

The school of app. 700 students is situated in the northwestern part of Jutland by the Limfjord Bay.
Struer is known as the ‘City of Sound’ due to it being home of the world class audio manufacturer, Bang & Olufsen, as well as the city playing host to dozens of concerts and high profile events throughout the year.
Struer’s natural assets allows access to some of the region’s best windsurfing, kayaking and sailing; while the city also lies only 10 km away from Holstebro, the cultural center of the region. Struer Statsgymnasium offers full boarding for international students and is currently hosting approximately 125 students from almost 25 countries.
This ensures that our students continue to learn outside of the classroom as part of a global community

Grenaa Gymnasium (GG) 

Grenaa is a city of 18.000 inhabitants, and is placed at the most eastern part of Jutland, right at the seaside, with beaches and a national park nearby. Grenaa also offers a wide range of sports options for young people. From Grenaa you can catch the tram to Aarhus, the 2nd biggest city in Denmark. There are ferries to Sweden and Aarhus Airport is close (15 km).
GG has 550 students and a large boarding school with 111 rooms, many of which are occupied with international students, rending a very international atmosphere. Grenaa Gymnasium’ boarding school offers full boarding for all international students, with in-house boarding teachers around the clock and a homely atmosphere, where all cultures are welcomed.
Grenaa Gymnasium has a strong Arts Department, offering Music and Visual Arts as group 6 subjects, as well as a strong global approach to teaching as a UNESCO global goals and IB school.