Study Abroad

Learning in Denmark

Important information!
This summer the Danish parliament decided to discontinue many English taught programs from 2022.
We do not have the full picture yet (August 2021) but hopefully soon.

The Danish education features

Innovative teaching methods and high international standards are all part of the Danish education system:

Tell me and I will forget!
Show me, and maybe I remember!
Involve me, and I will understand!
Step back, and I will do it!

  • Modern teaching methods and techniques
  • Problem solving-based learning
  • Group work
  • Collaborate with the business sector
  • Learning in real-life and professional training situations


Education system in Denmark

You can get following kind of diplomas:

AP degree

2-year program, after which students can work OR continue to the 1,5 years Top-up bachelor program.


Top-up Bachelor degree

You can start it after AP degree. With a top-up bachelor degree, you are in principle on the same level as a “normal Bachelor”.


Bachelor degree

3.5 years of basic training graduation of the Bologna agreement.


Master degree

Two-year Master’s degree at Aalborg University faculties.