Expected costs

Below are the costs you have to expect related to your studies in Denmark.

Before you travel to Denmark:

Registration deposit

€80 paid to our colleague for registration in most cases.

  • The deposit will be paid back if you begin your studies as scheduled AND
  • finish the 1st semester AND
  • start the 2nd semester.

IF you fail 2 English tests with us, and need a 3rd one OR if you will not be accepted to your 1st priority and need our help to get accepted to your 2nd one, we will not pay back the deposit.

(If you want apply to a school, we do not represent, we can still help with admission and practical things.
The price is HUF 25.000 at registration and another 25.000 if you are admitted.)


(But some of our colleagues charge a smaller amount - which is a FEE and not refundable.)


Language test

For AP and Bachelor’s degrees at most Danish schools, the above registration fee covers the cost of the test.

When applying for AU and KEA, you need IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge Advanced. These results can not be older than 2 years. Test exam fees are about €180-200.

Registration fees for schools

Some schools ask for a registration fee AFTER you have been accepted. This typically will cover the first days of programs, trips and partly cover the cost of teaching materials.

  1. Dania Academy, Randers – Viborg: 150 € ServicePacket
  2. BAAA, Aarhus: 100 € Materials fee

When studying in Denmark:

Tuition fee

For citizens of EU countries there is no tuition fee.


Dormitory accommodation will cost about 2.500-3.500 DKK. You must count on 2-3 months rent as deposit.

Apartments: Price vary from city to city, but more expensive than in your home country + you have to pay 2-3 months rent as deposit. However, if you share a flat with friends, you can normally save money compared to dormitory. Finding a private flat from your home country is difficult.

Everyday expenses

Prices are higher than in your home country: like food, transport, entertainment, telephone cost and travelling home.

We made a comparison, the average monthly cost of studying in Denmark + in your home country. The comparison of the costs can be found here.