Top-up Bachelor

A Top-up Bachelor course can be started after getting AP degree. With a Top-up Bachelor degree, you are in principle on the same level as a “normal Bachelor”.

The courses are grouped into categories:


  • Fashion Design
    (school: VIA Design)

  • Pattern Design – Fashion
    (school: VIA Design)

  • Retail Design – Fashion & Furniture
    (school: VIA Design)

  • Design & Business – Fashion
    (school: BASW (Sönderborg))
  • Design & Business - Brand Design
    (school: KEA)
  • Design & Business - Communication Design & Media
    (school: KEA)


  • Product Development & Integrative Technology
    (schools: BAAA, EAL, KEA)

  • Agricultural & Environmental Management
    (school: BAAA)

  • Chemical & Biotechnical, Food or Process Technology
    (school: BAAA)

IT / Web

  • Web Development
    (schools: UCN, BAAA, EAL, CPH-Business, KEA, Zealand (Roskilde), BASW (Esbjerg))

  • Software Development
    (schools: UCN, KEA, BASW (Esbjerg))

  • Digital concept Development
    (schools: UCN, BAAA, Zealand (Koge),


  • International Sales & Marketing
    (schools: UCN, VIA, EAL, CPH-Business, Zealand (Roskilde, Naestved), BASW (Esbjerg))

  • International Hospitality & Tourism Management
    (schools: UCN, CPH-Business, Dania Academy (Randers), EAL)

  • Sports Management
    (schools: UCN, CPH-Business)

  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Creativity
    (schools: VIA Design, CPH-Business, EAL (Odense, Vejle), Zealand (Naestved), BAAA)

  • Purchasign Management – Fashion
    (school: VIA Design)

  • Branding- & Marketing Management – Fashion & Furniture
    (school: VIA Design)

  • Retail Management – Fashion & Furniture
    (school: VIA Design)

  • Technical Management Off-shore
    (school: BASW (Esbjerg))

  • Communication & Media Strategy
    (school: VIA Design)