Other schools

These are universities/colleges, with which we do not have contract.
But we can still help you to apply.
We offer:
To help with application procedure, flat and job-search: Ft. 70.000 (approx € 200).
To be paid like this: Registration: 50%, and 50% if you are accepted.
We cannot give any guarantee, but we help as much as we can.


Aarhus University (founded in 1928, more than 40.000 students)

Copenhagen School of Business (Highest ranking Business School in Denmark, founded in 1917, more than 18.000 students)

Copenhagen University (more than 40.000 students, founded in 1479)

Technical University of Denmark(founded in 1829, more than 10.000 students)

IT university Copenhagen (about 3.000 students, founded in 1999)

Kalö Agricultural College (Here you can study to be an organic farmer or farming assistant in English language)

Metropolitan University College (founded in 2008 in Copenhagen)

Roskilde Universitets Center (founded in 1972 – 9.500 students)

South Danish University (founded in 1998, has campuses on Fyn, South Jutland and Sjaelland)

(We can also assist you with a few more, which are not listed here)

Danish FolkHighschool

At these schools you can take part in courses of 5-10 or 18 weeks for example.

You will not get ECTS, because they are outside this system, but you will learn a lot of useful things.

You have to pay tuition, food and room, but in many cases you can get a grant, which will cover a part of the costs.

Among the subjects are: Art, music, drama, language, sport, design, lifestyle etc.

Most people, who were on Folk High Schools, say this was the best time of their life.

Rönshoved Folkhighschool