Can I learn Dutch language in Holland for free?

Yes, you can in Vlissingen and Eindhoven.

When is the application deadline?

July 15th but it iS advisable to apply, look for a flat/room much earlier.

How can I get to Holland from Budapest/Debrecen?

The easiest to fly with Wizzair to Eindhoven, and from Eindhoven to Vlissingen/Breda goes several trains each day.
From Croatia you can reach Amsterdam from Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik.

Do I need any English language test to get accepted ?

For HZ we can perform the test with you.
For Avans you need Ielts or Toefl or similar test.

Can I pay the tuition fee in smaller parts?

Yes, you can split the fee up in up to 10 parts.

Are there any loan-student grant possibilities?

There ARE some possibilities, look at www.duo.nl
You can get a student grant IF you work min. 56 hours/month with a contract.
You can get a student loan, to cover your tuition fee.
Ask us to get the FULL picture.