If you want our assistance-help with getting accepted, we charge a refundable deposit of 80€. (about HUF 25.000)
This money will be paid back to you, IF you start the planned study in Holland, pass 1st semester and start 2nd.
In Holland there is a tuition fee of about 2.060€/school year for EU students. It can be paid in smaller portions.
(Since 2018 the FIRST year is only 50% tuition fee = 1.030€)

Costs of living in Vlissingen as of spring 2016: (if you have a student job which bring the mentioned income)

Rent 305€/month
Food and Drink 320-350€/month
Insurance 40€/month
Student job -350-400€/month
Total ~300€/month

The cost of a beer and a cappuccino are both around 2.20€, the entrance for disco is mostly free.
If there is a special event, the price could be 5-15€.
A movie ticket is around 10€, but could be higher if it is a premier movie.