Tuition fee

For EU-citizens there is no tuition fee in Sweden.

Student job

It is not easy to find a free-time-job in Jönköping. However, since it is free to learn Swedish if you are a student there, it can increase your job-chances significantly, even if you only speak a little Swedish.


There are a number of grants you can apply for, check them here and beware of the deadlines:

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All new international students are guaranteed accommodation, provided that they apply for accommodation correctly and announce their arrival in time.

The guarantee only applies to admitted students at Jönköping University.

The following example of a feasible monthly budget will give you some idea of the costs of living in Sweden.

All in allAbout 6.000-7.000 SEK
(cheaper if you use a bike)
Accommodation2,400-4,000 SEK
depending on location
Food2,000 SEK
Telephone300 SEK
Monthly bus tickets480 SEK
Laundry and hygiene250 SEK
Clothing, hobbies, leisure750 SEK