How do I find a job and long does it take for somebody to find a job?

If you intend to find a job straight away, I recommend sending out your CV application forms as soon as possible. It usually takes around 1-2 months to fully settle in. So for this time period, I highly recommend having enough budget to live until securing a job. If you decide to complete your studies at UCB, the university provides a department called ‘HIRED by UCB’ who help you with creating an English approved CV, preparing for interviews with mock interviews and giving feedback, and any employment information you may need. They also give you the opportunity to sign up to an email newsletter with alerts of any industry related job vacancies coming up which you can select in advance to your own personal preferences.

Furthermore, there are quite a few employment agencies, such as ‘Off to Work’, and ‘Blue Arrow’ which can provide you with shifts in organisations all around the city, therefore you would be able to receive a more varied industry experience. However, please read any agency’s terms and conditions before signing any contract as they have strict requirements and guidelines (such as not being able to sign a contract with any of the employees they have provided for you, only following 2 years of cancelling employment with them, etc.).

What do I need to start my employment?

To start working in the UK, you will need some additional documents to be ready before signing a contract with any employee. To start with, one should apply for a National Insurance Number. This is required to provide for every employee. This is similar to the Hungarian “Tarsadalom Biztositas” (TB).
Following this, you will need to set up a bank account with an English or international bank, such as Nationwide, as this is where you will be paid to. To do this, you will need to go to UCB’s student services office on the 7th Floor and ask for a student status letter to prove you are a student. You must acquire this paper to be addressed to a specific bank address where you made an appointment at. This paper will be needed for your bank appointment which you need to set up with a specific location beforehand. The bank will also let you know when setting up the appointment if there is any further document needed. Usually this is passport, National Insurance (NI) number proof document, but can be several further other documents. If you would be wanting to use your Identification Card instead of a passport, banks might cause more complications for you just to prove your identity, therefore it is highly recommended to provide a passport to simplify the tasks.

How do I find accommodation?

The easiest way to find a secure and well located accommodation is through university in the ‘Halls of Residence’. To find more information on UCB’s accommodations, please press here

You will be required to pay a fee in advance. This depends on the payment method you would like to choose. Usually it requires 3 months payment of instalments, however there is also an option to pay by a monthly instalment plan. For this, all you have to do is contact the Finance department at UCB in order for them to set up a monthly instalment plan for you. You will then be required to pay these payments every month in the finance office or by bank transactions. These accommodations can be a lot of fun and introduce you to a new English accommodation university experience which hugely varies from Hungarian, Croatian or Serbian accommodations.

What if I am not confident enough with my English language skills to study on a further education level?

UCB provides English Development Centre classes where they give all the help you need to improve your English. Furthermore, this centre provides you with assistance of correcting the grammar in your academic assignment works and gives advice on how to improve your academic language and assignment structures. So all in all, you have nothing to worry about!