Tuition fees:

Tuition fees in England range from 5,000 to 9,000 GBP/year.

You can take a tuition fee loan that you’ll start paying back when you earn more than 21,000 GBP/year. The pay-back terms are quite favorable, and many students end up never paying back the loan.

Your own economy:

Minimum salary for students is around 5-6 GBP per hour.

You can normally work up to 20 hours/week.

Average rent for accommodation is around 320 GBP per month.

Average living cost in the UK besides accommodation is around 250 GBP.

All-in-all that makes the total costs about 570 GBP/month. That means if you work 20 hours/week and earn 6 GBP/hour, you can cover about 85% of your living costs.


When you sign up with us, and come for the test, we will ask you for a deposit of HUF 20.000 as a security for our work.

IF you start studies at UCB, finish 1st semester and start 2nd, we will pay the money back UNLESS you need more than 2 English tests, since then we will not pay it back.