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Donát, Pre-IB at Grenaa Gymnasium

October 2021: I am studying in Grenaa this is a Danish city next to sea. My English teacher sent us a message about studying in Denmark I got really excited, and I contacted with Niels. They organized a meeting with students in Denmark after this I decided to accept here. He helped me a lot and give us lots of information about Denmark and the school. When we arrived, I felt prepared. We did most of the paperwork because Niels told us what we should do.

I have been studying here from 2 months and my feeling is really good about the school. In the beginning the tutors show us around and helped everything, the first week went really fast the school made lots of program for us. The school is much different than at home. They use the modern systems we get every information through the Lectio this is a calendar system where we can see the assignments and the homework. The lessons are 90 minutes with a 5 minutes break we usually learn something new and make some exercises, you always can ask from the teacher if you have a question. The exercises are mainly group works, the groups are changing along the year. We have small tests, but this is mainly for ourselves to know where we are. The Natural sciences are built around a theme in the first months if you are Pre-IB. In my situation that was about Mars. In this project the teachers give you a general knowledge about the problem what we want to solve after this we do an experiment and a report connected with it.

We get most of the materials in a digital form and we use teams to hand in the assignments, but it depends on the subject.

The boarding school is a good place for everyone. We usually play something in the dining hall or study together in a tea kitchen or study room. Everyone accepts and respect each other. Near to the boarding we have Lidl, Netto, Aldi and Kvicly. The city centre is 1.5 kilometre, and the beach is 3.2 kilometre.

I am really satisfied with Denmark and with the school at all. If you want to experience something new and study abroad this is a right place for you.