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Benjamin from Serbia, Computer Science at Zibat Roskilde (Oct. 2017)

Benjamin, Computer Science Zibat in Roskilde Oct. 2017
First of all i would like to thank you for your help and giving me a path to choose it means a lot to me, also I would like to greet anyone who will find a time to read this.
I am on my first semester.
About school I am satisfied we are learning and practicing new stuff everyday, but what i really like is teamwork in our school, 90% of study is teamwork and learning from each other. As for Denmark its a wonderful country and I highly recommend if anyone is in doubt or about to choose, choose Denmark because it have a lot of benefiits when it comes to students.
I am living in Rödovre its a suburb in Copenhagen which is wonderfull city, and i am having a lot of fun with new friends 🙂 .
Once again thank you www.studyabroad.hu for making it possible!