Coventry University

Coventry University (CU) was founded in 1970, has now almost 28.000 students. (link:
CU was newly placed as the 15. best universtity in UK, and is the 10th biggest.
There are 8.000 international students from 130 countries!
The university has lately undergone huge investments.
95% of graduates are employed 6 month after graduation!

The university has 4 Faculties:
1. Arts and Humanities (about 60 degrees)
2. Business and Law (about 70 degrees)
3. Engineering, Environment and Computing (about 70 degrees)
4. Health and Life Sciences (about 70 degrees)

Coventry University has Campuses in Coventry (main campus) + London and the newly opened Scarborough.
Furthermore there is a smaller University College in Coventry.