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Krisztina, studying Hospitality and Events Management:

Moving and starting university in Birmingham England was the best decision of my life. I feel I always have the chance of improving myself and all my hard work is appreciated. The university has helped me with many different issues I had during my studies. The joint course I am studying (hospitality and events management) has enabled me to professionalize in more sectors of the industry and experiencing it on a larger scale.

The lectures are more relaxed compared to Hungarian education and lecturers are more approachable in case of needing help with an assignment. Furthermore the modules do not mainly focus on an incredible amount of theory the student will forget after a week, but rather combining the theory with practical approaches and activities.

Regarding free-time life the city of Birmingham has a lot to offer. Being a student and a full-time employee I still manage to save time to discover the continuously developing city and be able to visit the arts festival and many other opening unique hidden restaurants and quirky bars. Not to mention Birmingham is the the future’s new destination city! 🙂

I found work within a week however I was very unsatisfied so I managed to change after a month. I don’t find it difficult finding a job in Birmingham, there are plenty of opportunities all the time.

I work a lot, however I only have 3 days a week at uni so the rest of the week I can work which would be impossible in Hungary to do both. I currently work at wagamama.

I am in my final year now at uni and I am planning to stay in Birmingham until next September and after thinking of moving to London. I am also thinking about doing a graduate scheme after uni but have not completely decided yet.

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