Learning in the Netherlands

The Dutch teaching style is interactive and student-centered. You will develop valuable skills such as analyzing, solving practical problems, and creative thinking.

The Dutch education system of applied sciences consists of 3 different types of programs:

  • A four-year bachelor’s program
  • A two-year master’s program
  • Some schools have a 2-year “top-up” possibility, where you can reach a bachelor’s degree in 2 years if you have 2 years of higher education in the same field

During your studies, you may decide to do one or two internships abroad.

All study programs are practice-based and geared to the job market. In addition to the regular lectures, you go on field trips and company visits, do practical assignments, and study subjects that are directly linked to professional reality.
You can interact with professional experts in guest lectures or the real-life projects you will carry out for various companies during your studies.

In the Netherlands, there is a tuition fee for EU students of € 2.060/year. (but the 1st year has a 50% discount!)
The payment can normally be divided into 10 smaller payments during the school year.