IB in Denmark

International Baccalaureate (IB) is an internationally recognized High School Degree that gives easier access to universities and colleges.
There are IB schools in most countries, and some of them are private, others public. StudyAbroad represents 3 IB schools in Denmark.

IB schools in Denmark

Ikast-Brande Gymnasium

The school has about 600 students and is situated in the middle of Jutland, Ikast, a town of 15.000 inhabitants.

Struer Statsgymnasium

The school is situated in the northwestern part of Jutland by the Limfjord bay and has about 700 students.

Grenaa Gymnasium Logo

Greena Gymnasium

Greena is a city of 18.000 inhabitants and is located in the most eastern part of Jutland, right by the seaside, with beaches and a national park nearby.

Practical Information About IB

For the IB DP (IB Diploma Programme)
– In order to get accepted, you need to speak English at least at B2 level (we do an English online test with you) and you must have finished 10 years of school with good results.
– Contact us to start the application process which consists of an interview and filling out the application form. Some schools also make an interview.
– We charge an application fee of 55.000 HUF.*
– The deadline for applying is the 1st of March, but it is a good idea to apply much earlier, if you want to increase your chances.
(*There are “geographical” differences in how our colleagues handle the registration fee – please ask us for more info, before you sign up)

For the PreIB Programme
The Pre-IB is a preparatory year for the IB program. (But can also be used as an exchange year). That means after Pre-IB you can either continue to IB OR return to your old school.
For Pre-IB you must have finished 9 years of school. The application procedure is the same as IB.

– Each school has its own dorm, where each student will have their own room. There are also a few shared rooms available, if you want to save money.
– The dorms are normally very close to the school.
– They are staffed 24/7 and they have all modern facilities. All meals are included in the price, also during weekends. (Ikast Brande Gymnasium have special rules)
Usually, students have to leave the dorms during holidays, but some dorms allow students to stay during holidays for a small fee.

Students get the following holidays:
– Autumn holiday (around week 42) – 1 week
– Christmas holiday (around week 51 and 52) – 2 weeks
– Winter holiday (around week 7) – 1 week
– Easter – 1 week
– Summer holiday – From the end of June to the beginning of August (The term starts at around the 8th of August)

There is no tuition fee for EU-citizens, but students will need to bring a scientific pocket calculator and a laptop. The school normally provides books for free. The boarding schools’ prices usually range between Dkk 1.900-4.300/month. The price of dormitaries in some schools depends on your parents’ income. In Grenaa Gymnasium a double room’s price per month is DKK 1550, if your parents have low income. Some of the dormitories require a registration fee, for example in Struer Statsgymnasium and Greena Gymnasium this is DKK 1500.

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