Application to the Netherlands

If you want to continue your studies in the Netherlands, here are the steps you must take:


Look through the programs that are offered by the different schools, and select the ones that interest you the most.


Get in touch with the staff member working closest to you, and go for a consultation.


Register with us officially and pay the 55.000 HUF registration fee*

* There are differences in how colleagues in different regions handle the registration fee – please ask us for more info


Start gathering your necessary documents. Our staff will give you a list.


At the appointed time, take the English language test. (The test’s price is included in the registration fee)


Open a profile on the admission portal, and upload your documents. Some documents must be sent directly to the school’s international office


Find a place to live with our assistance. Start your housing search very early, at least 9 months before departure.


Find a student job with our assistance.

So, what should you do now?

Look through the schools and programs and select a few you are interested in

When you did that, contact us to start your application