Our staff

Niels Otto Pedersen

“I started the Study in Denmark project in 2004. Having spent a significant time of my life abroad, I strongly believe that it is healthy for young people to see a different culture. This will make them look at their own country with quite different eyes. Both of my daughters have been studying in Denmark for a while now, so I have experienced first-hand what is it like to send your children abroad.”

Angyal Gabriella

“Being the mother of two youngsters who study in Denmark I intend to assist the parents of those young people who wish to continue their studies abroad and have doubts about how to support their children. Sharing my experience can help to let them go with a lighter heart.”

Magyar Anita, Székesfehérvár

Magyar Anita

“The consultation I provide is personalized, and I am going to help students from the point of planning to move abroad up to the point of actually making the move. The relationship that ties me to Denmark is personal: My own child is studying there, and I receive a lot of firsthand information through them.”

Schmidt Vanessza

“During my university years, I had the chance to try student life in Denmark, and even though my heart brought me home, a piece of it remained in Denmark forever. I started working with Study Abroad as an intern in 2016 and since then I accompanied hundreds of students along this journey. Remember that you don’t have to begin the big adventure alone, I’m here to help!”