Here we collected the most frequently asked questions from students. If you didn’t find the answer to your question, please contact us!

The application deadline for AP and Bachelor Degrees is March 15th, at some schools, you can apply later, but chances for admission are reduced.

The application deadline for Master’s programs is March 1st.

First you need to get into contact with one of our collegues, and go for a personal consultation. Here, we will inform you about the documents you need to gather, what kind of English test you need to take and on which websites you need to apply on.

The application process is long, often lasting months, and we will help you at every step.

A fee of 100 € /45.000 Ft is to be paid when you decide to apply and go to a school we represent.

If you want to apply to a school that we don not represent, we charge 55.000 Ft at registration and another 55.000 Ft if you are accepted.

Higher education in Denmark is free for citizens of the EU.

Since the application is a long process, we usually advise the students to contact us and start applying at least 4-5 months before the application deadline.

Every school starts notifying the students at a different time, it can happen as soon as the beggining of June or as late as the end of July.

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