About us

StudyAbroad is an organization is dedicated to supporting young Hungarians, Croats, and Serbs who wish to continue their education abroad. Learning abroad is a serious decision, and we can help you with that.

The numbers talk

Since 2004:

  • Over 800 Hungarian and Croatian students helped to study abroad
  • We offer different degrees in 4 countries
  • We have colleagues across Hungary, Serbia, and Croatia

Our philosophy

We believe that it is a great experience for young people to go abroad. Those who go to study in a foreign country will learn to work with other nationalities and build international connections that could be helpful in their future carrier. It makes a big difference in starting a carrier, whether you took your diploma in your home country, or you took it abroad in an international environment. For anyone who wants to discover living and working abroad, it is much easier to try it before starting a family. At a young age, it is easier to integrate into a new environment and accept other values.

We at StudyAbroad have spent months or even years studying, and working abroad, which taught us to compare and appreciate our home country. It also provided us with insights that we use to help students to take the next step in their future.