I love to be here!

To be honest I don’t want to go home. Denmark, the school, the environment, the teachers and the people are just amazing. I love to be here! We have so many activities during the week and every Friday some kind of party. The school is not that hard yet, but we will see. One of the teachers and I will start an economics club. On the other hand I talked with Helene (head of school) and we are going to apply (the school) to become an EPAS school (European Parliament Ambassador School). I live in the boarding on the second floor in a single room. Next year I will probably apply with 2 friends for gray campus. Living in boarding is great, but the gray campus is much cooler. It’s like an apartment for 3 people, everybody has it’s own room, there is a big kitchen with an own fridge, freezer, oven, electrical cooker, kettle, a bathroom with shower, toilet, washing machine and dryer machine. We are going on a study trip to Amsterdam in March, I’m really looking forward to it. I am here for like more then a month now and I really enjoy it. I am so happy to be here in an international environment, meeting new people and cultures.

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