Benefits etc. in Holland, news

Beke, who study at Fontys, Eindhoven, Dec 2022
He says: It is not easy to find housing in Eindhoven, and it is not cheap, but you should apply EARLY through the recognized housing-companies, which Fontys offer, and there students can live the 1st year.
He gets approx. 300€ month govt. grant, but could get up to a bit more than 400€ if his parents earned less.
He works 15-20 hrs/week, (min. 56 hrs/month) so his health insurance is covered, about 130€/month.
It is not difficult to find a free time job in Eindhoven.
Students in NL can chose between free public transport (whole country) either weekdays or weekend. On the non-chosen part students will still get 60% off, so in this way it is also possible to live in the outskirts of the city or outside the city, where rent prices are cheaper.
He says he can easily cover his costs with his income.
(In some cases parents cover the tuition fee, which is €110/month the first year. The next years it is double.)