My life is very good here

My life is very good here, I quickly found a job (I moved start August). I can live very well, while saving a decent amount of money without the need of my parents. (I work at an Indian restaurant, called Curry Leaves, the best Indian restaurant in Denmark.)

We don’t have to study a lot, the environment is very calm, unlike in Hungary, where everybody is nervous and you are required to devout the vast majority of your time to studying if you want to excel academically in a valuable program (like engineering). At the same time, everything is very practical (at least on my program – I know that non-engineering programs are not like that), our lecturers are very young and kind.

Highly extroverted people will not enjoy Sönderborg that much. It is not a very exciting city, the nightlife is subpar too. I personally don’t mind at all -I can focus more on actually productive things-, but it’s still worth mentioning.

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