I really enjoy the study system

I would like to thank you again for the help you gave with applying because it is very nice out here.
I really enjoy the study system and the course is very interesting. I really like the atmosphere, minus the weather sometimes. It can be pretty unpredictable.
It was a little bit hard to find a job, because in Horsens for most of the part-time jobs you have to speak Danish. I ended up working for Rema1000, in a warehouse picking boxes, which is a pretty easy job and they pay very well. Also, very very many international people work there. Sometimes I feel like I see half of VIA there. 😀
I still have to apply for SU. I haven’t done it yet because I haven’t worked enough hours yet.

I haven’t started to learn Danish yet because for the Danish course I’d have to pay 2000kroner as a deposit, which I would get back at the end of the education, but for now, with everything going on and without SU, it was too much for the start. Thus I will probably start next semester.

The class is very nice, it is so much better than in Hungary that we have all our classes together and so it is easier to build friendships. We have lots of programs going on, both organized by class and (for example a trip to Aalborg) and organised by the school (for example partys, work lounges, etc).

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